Prices subject to change

Beer Glasses

20oz Beer Glasses Rented By The Dozen $7.00/Dozen

Short Rock Glasses

Short Rocks Glasses Rented By The Dozen 7.00/Dozen

Tall Rock Glasses

Tall Rocks Glass Rented By The Dozen 7.00/Dozen

Water Glass

Water Glass Rented by the dozen 7.00/Dozen

Water Goblet

Water Goblet Rented By The Dozen $7.00/Dozen

Wine Glass

Wine Glasses Rented By The Dozen $7.00/Dozen

Dinner Knives


Dinner Fork


Salad/Dessert Fork


Soup Spoon


Tea Spoon


Steak Knife


Linen Napkins

Napkins In A Verity Of Colors White $0.75 each Colored $0.50 each

Table Cloths

Table Cloths In Variety Of Colors $15.00

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine $50.00 With Bags, Popcorn And Oil $75.00

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine $75.00, With Cones And Sugar $150.00

6550W/8200W Portable Gas Generator


White Padded Folding Chairs

$4.25 each

Off White Non Padded Folding Chair

$2.95 Each

6ft Round Table

$10.00 each

6ft Rectangle Table

$10.00 Each


Please contact for Pricing

Table Centerpiece

Please Contact for Pricing


Please Contact for Pricing

Chair Sash

Please Contact for Pricing

Table Decor

Please contact for Pricing

Dinner Plate

White Decorative Tea Cup

Blue Rimmed Dinner Plate

Blue rimmed Saucer

Blue Rimmed Coffee Cup

Blue Rimmed Bowl

Sandwich Lunch Box

Busy at work? let us take care of lunch preparations for you and your coworkers. Several different options to choose from.

Different Sandwich Lunch Box

Hot Lunch Box

Taco Lunch Box